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Dance Central = My House

In Video Games on November 11, 2011 at 12:41 am

This feels like a good time to be a late adopter. Why? The last month or so I started doing things that I either thought about doing or was recommended to do in the past. My sword-fighting class is a good example. Or how I started the Insanity workout on Kettner’s advice from the summer (stop yelling at me Shaun T, I’m trying!). But the best example is this new-fangled XBox 360 Kinnect, which my sister was almost begging me to try months and months ago. In the past week, my home has been transformed into a dance studio of the most rockingest, booty-danciest variety.

Last Friday, my wife called me at work and said: “I want to buy a Kinnect.” A Kinnect, for those whom do not know, is a piece of XBox 360 hardware that can read what your body is doing with no controller. It apparently works using a combination of Hermetic sorcery with a pinch shamanic dreamspeaking and a touch of good, old fashioned witchcraft. Nina’s idea was an odd one because: A) My wife had never shown too much interest in this product in the significant time it had been on the market, B) It’s not a particularly inexpensive thing to buy on an impulse, and C) We have no room in our TV nook for the required space for this device. Stunned by this illogical turn of events, I agreed it was a good idea.

So, sure, we needed to re-arrange furniture to the point that we moved the TV and XBox of out the TV room. Now we have a crowded and studio and a separate “couch-facing-an-empty-entertainment-center” room. Now our cable box and DVR attached to a wire connected to what seems to be nothing (but I leave it open to the possibility of it being attached to an invisible ghost TV that I cannot see or hear.) But man, was it worth it. Why? Dance Central 2.

Dance Central 2 is the reason why Nina wanted the Kinnect. If life demands exercise, I suppose dancing it out to a ridiculous assortment of music is a potential better choice than being yelled at via DVD by a muscular, shirtless man (I’m kidding Shaun T, I know you’re attitude comes from a place of love). So Nina has been dancing almost daily for hours at a time. And tonight, after moving the TV to the larger room, I joined her.

Fedoras are optional. You hear me, Maria Bello! We get it! You're a tough lady working hard to earn respect in misogynist police force. Lose the Timberlake cover!

And I cannot recommend it enough. It’s super-fun, a nice workout, and a great way to spend time with Nina. And while my dancing skill are comparable to a combination of Frankenstein’s monster, Herman Munster, and Frankenberry, it does not deter me from trying to look like Lady Gaga in the Bad Romance video. Shit, I had the outfit anyway.

  1. hahahaha, i love you SB.
    keep digging deeper, with or without the fedora…

  2. Hot damn, Scott Brown has checked in, and with a funny post to make my morning commute.

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