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Video Game Anticipation

In Video Games on November 9, 2011 at 1:24 am

So, it’s been awhile. And this isn’t to say that I’ve been slacking. I am currently playing in three regularly-scheduled roleplaying games. I been getting caught up on my slacking comic book reading. I’ve been making tremendous progress in the management of my fantasy football (again, the geekiest thing I have ever done). Hell, I’ve started taking a samurai sword class (okay, maybe fantasy football is the second geekiest thing I have ever done). So I have been busy, just not with writing. I intend to attempt to try to maybe remedy that…if possible.

Anyway, what’s been bugging me recently is a shortage of new games that I want to play. I know there have been good games released, such as Arkham City (which I decided to hold off as to play until I receive the game as a Christmas present…Yes, I know that was a dumb move), I am really waiting for some of the big roleplaying games. This week I finally get to play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Next month I get the Bioware Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic. Relatively early next year I get the Mass Effect 3. I am dying to play these games, as I have been dying to play them for the years they have been in development.

In the meantime, however, I have been looking to satiate my gaming fix…yet none of the games I have been playing have really scratched the itch. This is the first part of a frustrating though not-actually-that-vicious-but-bear-with-me cycle. It involves me buying video games that I don’t actually want because I am impatient for the games I actually do want.

For instance, I knew Skyrim was coming in November. So, instead of of just waiting for it to be released, I start looking at games to tide me over, using a few different justifications:

1) This games in on sale on Steam (or Direct2Drive, or XBox Live, or GoG) and I would be a fool, A FOOL, to let this opportunity pass me by: This one doesn’t bother me too much because it has yielded some really pleasant experiences at a very low cost. Borderlands (the stylized action-shooter-loot collector) and Sequence (the indie, rhythm-action, RPG) stand out in this category.

2) Let’s buy a game kind of like the one I want to play because something is better than nothing: Hello Dungeon Siege 3. I wanted a game that involved me developing a character and swords and magic and shit, so I talk myself into a solidly average game with middling reviews because I…I just wanted to play it. This is less justifiable because it costs full, retail price despite not being what I really wanted.

3) Shit, a big game just came out and while it has been eagerly awaited by some, it was barely on my radar. For some reason, on launch day I decide it must be mine and drop full price…and immediately feel regret: Rage and Battlefield 3 come to mind. While big games to some, I couldn’t have cared less about them when they were in development. Yet, for want of the actual game I desire, I picked both these games up and immediately regretted it. Not because they’re bad games (they’re not) but they were ill-fitting substitutes for what I wanted to play. And I knew it when I bought them. And I did it anyway.

Finally...the novel experience of playing a soldier in war-torn region of the world. What a fresh and new experience.

Oh, boo hoo. Mr. Disposable Income bought a game he didn’t weally wuv or want but he made to pway them anyway. Yes, but the thing is…my income is certainly much less disposable than this behavior reflects. And these numerous small financial expenditures made me that much poorer…and didn’t scratch my video game itch. It just feels pointless and hollow in retrospect. Oh, well. At least the holiday season approaches so most of the games I’ve been anticipating are starting to manifest. Thank Odin for that.

  1. its funny – i went through that whole “its weird, but i really want this game even though i know i wont really like it and never cared about during development” i always regretted it, like your saying. heh. But yeah , BATMAN will be my xmas/ one game of the year. ever since i left the video game world – every game looks the same and rehashed(battlefield duty in a post apocalyptic world). so its rare a very interesting game comes out, thus my one game of the year thing.

  2. I do the same thing, not as much with video games anymore, but with movies and books definitely. I’m waiting for something to come out, so I end up hunting the stacks and picking up a pale shadow of what I really want and then it’s just kind of a sad read the whole time, sighing occasionally because “it’s just not the right one”.

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