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Trailer trash

In Comics, Movies on March 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Two days ago, I watched the Captain America trailer a few times and have gotten myself pretty excited about it. Despite earlier concerns about the execution of the costume design, I really enjoy Cap as a character and I really want this to be good. And the trailer does an impressive job of reassuring me that this beloved character may have a chance of being portrayed reverently. As a good trailer, it has me excited about the prospect of watching the movie it is promoting. So what’s the problem?
The problem is the relationship that fans now have with trailers, in general. We (because I am as guilty of this as anyone) treat the trailer as a gift from the moviemakers to the fans. Since the Phantom Menace, at least, we treat the release of new trailers or featurettes or even TV spots as a warm-up to the movie; a way to slip into the right frame of mind before the main event.

And guess what? Trailers are commercials. They are marketing ploys to convince pay money to ingest a product. And while we all may crave to see some clips released at Comic-Con or “leaked” footage because we’re so excited, trailers exist to take money out of your pocket and put it in someone else’s.
So, if your movie has some cool visuals, an invested fan-base, and strong original material, it is not a great feat to make an effective trailer. Iron Man 2 is an excellent example. Great cast, cool visuals, and some sweet briefcase armor and I was excited. Yet, the movie, while adequate, in no way lived up to the excitement of the trailer. Good job marketing team.

Trying to sell me with this awesome shot? Nice try, trailer!

So, while I cannot go more than 5 minutes without thinking about a ricocheting thrown shield or Dum Dum Dugan with a shotgun, I am trying to train myself to treat a good trailer like what it is; an enjoyable piece of advertising. I am having mixed results.

  1. I have high hopes….They are doing a way better job selling this one than they are with thor.
    The Hydra army is so so COBRA….we may be getting a good GI JOE movie out of this too….if only they can have cap do a flip into a trouble bubble…maybe in the sequel…

    But yeah, the director has a mixed track record, so it could be a mess…fingers X’d though…

  2. I think this is an interesting topic, especially concerning comic book movies. But i really dont think these trailers are for you, the comic fan. They aren’t gonna spend millions of dollars to make trailers for fans, that will see it regardless. They could have a teaser of just him in front of explosions throwing his sheild and the fans would go see it just the same. These are more for the non fans, who don’t know cpt. america.
    If the fans outrage over something retarded looking in a trailer, it wont be changed. it will be in that movie weeks later just the same. maybe the next trailer will skew a different audience if that. So i am curious how these 3 comic book movies will do this summer and watching how the trailers progress to get all types of audiences. or are the general public getting tired of them(which i think is another topic on its own)

    on a side note- I am suprised they showed skinny cgi guy. i guess they wanna get that out of the way- look everyone its not his real body and its a little creepy but the rest of the movie is stylized so it fits,etc

  3. That briefcase armor was the sweetest thing ever…

  4. damn it brown, it’s been months! geek out about something already!!!

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