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When is great good enough?

In Movies on July 20, 2010 at 12:17 am

I saw Inception over the weekend. What did I think?


No, I’m only kidding. I thought it was a great movie that delivered everything I could really even want in a movie. Smart, but never smug or pretentious. Challenging without being confusing. Action-packed but never gratuitous. And utterly geeky without being anything to even be the slight bit embarrassed about. Basically, everything I would ever in my wildest dreams want for a movie. Not just a popcorn, summer movie but a movie, period. Damn, I can’t be more excited about a movie.

But…then the suspicion sets in. Was it actually good or just well-made? Is my enthusiasm legit or am I just fooling myself because of a drought of A-Grade geekiness (sorry Iron Man 2, you were pretty good but something was missing). I was set to have Toy Story 3 be the movie of the summer (and it was great, no doubt) but then this movie came along and crushed me. Instead of rejoicing like a normal, well-adjusted movie fan, my vigilance kicks in. Like some kind of slighted lover who doesn’t want to get hurt again, I start asking myself: “Is this movie too good to be true? Can it simply be amazingly awesome and have that be that?”

Is this movie great? This scene just came to my house and curb stomped me for doubting it. I deserved it.

The answer is:”Yes, yes, and fuck yes!!!” Why would I question such a great movie experience? Why can’t I just enjoy it?

So I will. This movie kicks all kinds of ass and that’s that.

  1. i havent seen it yet( i have to wait for a certian someone..) but its great to see that people are liking something that is the “more original” catergory these days.(i agree with you that toy story 3 was at the top so far)
    but if i hear one more time…is inception too smart??!! its awesome he can make a big budget successful movie and then do a great movie like prestige and what i hear is also inception. awesome. just wanted to share that.

  2. I’m totally with you. Inception was fan-freaking-tastic. Loved it. I still need to see Toy Story 3, and I will, I just haven’t made it yet. I went to Winter’s Bone instead (also great). And yes, while, something may have been missing from Iron Man 2, it was minor. I still thought it was good and I still went twice.

    Speaking of superheroes… Did you see the new Thor picture? I’m a little happier.

  3. Yo dudes…I’m glad I’m getting some inception love from the scott brown blog. I just defended the movie on a stupid facebook comment that called it a “big dumb summer movie” ….and while I can see some people taking issue with elements of inception, not getting on board for various reasons…this was a pretty smart movie and asks quite a bit from the audience. People were complaining about the expository dialogue with ellen page, but christ! The movie asks the audience to jump on board with quite a bit and to catch up and pay attention. I really loved the shit out of it and wanna go again. I think I’ll need a second viewing to say for sure…but i thiiiiinnnk inception might have a spot in my top 20 geek movies? I think there’s room…I’m pretty sure that inception is better than ….i dunno….Flash Gordon….and i LOVE Flash Gordon…so….yeah.

    The movie was just so jam packed with stuff I like, and it was well told and well acted….I thought it dragged a bit when they were 3 levels down (the van is STILL falling??) but minor minor complaint.
    Was so happy that instead of taking a high concept like “dream hackers” and just doing that…and it probably would have been a serviceable noir heist style movie….the fucked wife plot was sweet and creepy and I was glad that a big mainstream movie went there.

    And also, holy shit, why is gordon levit NOT the new spiderman??? CHRIST!

    I haven’t seen toy story 3 yet….nobody wants to go with me….
    And I feel ya on Iron Man 2..I still dug it, but…something was off with the pacing …the tension is totally lost..and I’m never really worried about tony or what’s gonna happen…but the character stuff was A+ and it’s really fun to watch nonetheless.

    And Jon….yeah, that new Thor pic is making me feel warm and fuzzy. It’s my new desktop. Crazy Kirby Helmets in effect!! Huginn and Muninn hanging on the sick Jorguman styled throne!
    The only thing missing is thor dragging in a sick frost giant head. Looking forward to hearing more from the comicon report.

    • I like the colors in that pic too, they seem a little more muted than previously shown.

      How could someone think Inception is a “big dumb movie”? The obvious inference being: the same as say: Transformers. What a cynical, pretentious douche. Tell them that I think they’re a cynical pretentious douche, from me. I mean, the expository dialogue with Juno was absolutely nessecary. How else are we supposed to learn the rules of their world? If they hadn’t done it, those very same people would have complained about the lack. As for the van drop, I didn’t have a problem with it, it perfectly illustrated the time change between levels. And you had to keep returning to it or you lose that illustration.

      It’s not a perfect movie by any stretch, but it is way better than most summer flicks. Way.

      Levit IS awesome. I don’t know why he’s not in more stuff.

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