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Spoiled Rotten

In Uncategorized on July 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm

I’m bored. I got home today and had time to do whatever I wanted. I’m in the middle of a pretty entertaining novel (Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, Thanks Jon), I have tons of video games on multiple platforms, I have RPG characters to work on, countless movies or TV shows to stream instantly, and a zillion fun, fulfilling personal projects I should pursue. I have more wildly entertaining means to engage myself than I ever would have thought possible as a child. There are a ridiculous bounty of ways to get my fix, whatever that fix may be. As I write this, even more forms of entertainment keep coming to mind. How about those comics I haven’t read? How about the DVD collection I haven’t touched in weeks?

Yet, none of this feels like it will hit the spot. I’m in a bored and restless mood, not wanting to do anything ranging from thought-provoking to mindless; exciting to relaxing. How pathetic and whiny is that? What a ridiculous, First World problem. My mood creates such a sense of self-loathing. Why should someone with so much going on find such little fun from any of it. I wonder if any of you ever feel like this.

  1. from time to time…lately i will feel overcome with guilt and urgency if i am not putting dead time to good use…wether that be at the drawing board or hanging with friends, still it happens and i think the feeling of being bored and anxious has more to do with just being a human than it does any of our first world comforts.
    I do often think about how crazy it is to be a geek these days though.
    I think about how next year, i’m going to see a THOR movie….a THORRRRR movie….like for serious. the 3rd tier nerdy super hero who speaks in faux shakespeareian dialogue is getting a movie with an oscar winning director…what alternate geekverse have we slipped into. and yeah..i’m not a video gamer, but i can imagine what it must be like as a person who likes rpgs or shit, fucking action figures, to have these crazy 3d toys to run around in a digital world and control.
    Um, but yeah, this probably isn’t helping much and i should try to be the more motivational type talk….so when you’re feeling bored and restless i’d scribble ideas in a notebook.
    billy crystal once told me…” a writer writes “

    • I like the idea of you and Billy Crystal having talks.

      I like the idea better if you talk exclusively about My Giant.

      Yeah, it was a passing feeling. Just writing it down felt therapeutic. So did downloading the Diablo-clone Torchlight and fighting through mobs of cartoonish enemies.

  2. Sometimes you need time to recharge, no big deal.

  3. billy’s full of great advice. The giant has a winning comment every now and again too….

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