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Bad patch

In Video Games on April 21, 2010 at 9:22 pm

I mentioned the other day that I was playing Mount & Blade: Warband and was kind of getting into it. Now we can call it full blown obsession. Obsession that keeps me up late. Obsession that keeps me from posting on my blog. Sorry about that.

So, wouldn’t it be great to tell you that I decided to exercise some self-control, take a quick break from my game, and write a quick post? Yeah, that would be great. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Mount & Blade released a patch today that was downloaded automatically by my Steam account. This mandatory patch, I can only assume, was released to make my gaming experience better. Yet, that was not the case unless you think an improved game experience involves a fatal game crash every time the enemy retreats from my army on the field of battle. That’s right. Just when at the point of sure victory, when the enemy flees before the thundering charge of my cavalry, the game goes down. This was no problem yesterday, before the patch, but now it happens every time, making the game unplayable.

So, I guess it is a good thing as it forces me to write, but this kind of thing always drives me crazy. I like to think that patches are an attempt by developers to support games after their release as an attempt to aid the gaming community. Too often, this “gift” from game developers is completely unwelcome. You want to say: “Hey, it’s okay. I appreciate it the effort” but all you can really think is “Leave the fucking game alone so I can play it!” This is always a problem in MMORPGs and other online game experiences, but when this shit starts invading my single-player experience, it drives me up the wall. Or maybe I’m just crabby because I can’t get my fix. Who knows.

  1. Too bad, so sad… nothing’s worse than a sudden game freeze… well, except for any cut scene in a Japanese game that involves two characters talking about blossoms or maybe the wind.

    It was great seeing you this past weekend. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

    • Yeah, I remember playing Metal Gear Solid in college and listening to some conversation between Solid Snake and Meryl about love or something. It was then I realized, “This is a ridiculous use of my time.” I never really got into these games, nor any Final Fantasy games, after that.

      It was great to see you too. Nice to have an actual conversation versus blog posts, not that I mind those.

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