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The Daily Scott Pilgrim

In Comics on April 2, 2010 at 11:44 am

It’s about time to get this thing rolling again. The routine of having a job and a long commute has made me complacent in my creative output. Somehow the novelty of earning money has created a sense of complacency that has quieted my urges to share my observations with the world. Oh, and when I say world I mean the handful of people whom read this so-called daily blog on a regular basis. But I realized it was unfair to present a nice place for people to exchange ideas and then stop updating. Plus, I missed hearing (er, reading) the eloquent observations of smart people coerced into commenting on subjects of my choice. Considering I have been indulging in tons of games, movies, comics, and other babytown frolics recently, I figured I have plenty of ammo to get back into the blogging games. I will attempt to be more regular, if not daily, from now on. We’ll see.
Where to start? How about Scott Pilgrim? For those whom are not aware, Scott Pilgrim is the titular character from the Scott Pilgrim comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. It is hard to describe briefly, but it’s basically one of those series about a twenty-something guy and his group of friends dealing with love, friends, and the frustrations of a directionless life. The twist, however, is that his world seems to follow the rules of various video games, as he needs to defeat his new girlfriend’s “Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends” to date her. It’s extremely amusing, with defeated enemies turning into piles of coins and occasionally dropping random loot. At the same time, the emotional side of the comic is played pretty straight. One is supposed to feel for Scott’s problems while also enjoying the whimsy of the world. And this brings me to my internal conflict regarding this series.

A unique blend of humor, action, and drama a great story do not make. Or does it? Shit, I'm not sure.

I have a pretty low tolerance for mopey, indy, “oh woe is me,” relationship emo-comics. I’ll just put that out there. I generally find them to be a tad self-indulgent, self-important, or sappy. I’m not that interested in couch-hopping, barista-pining, guitar-playing dudes trying to find themselves in a world that just doesn’t get them. And, unfortunately for my tastes, Scott Pilgrim has a bit of this. Sure, the crazy world of the comic kind of turns this on its ear and mocks some of these sensibilities. I feel, though, that O’Malley wants us to feel for his characters; to like Scott Pilgrim.
And this is maybe the crux of my problem. I don’t like Scott Pilgrim. While I find him amusing goofball without a mean bone in his body, Scott’s an idiot. He’s self-absorbed and the way he interacts with the other characters in this world makes me a little crazy. His fickle infatuations and chronic denseness actually infuriate me. But I am thoroughly entertained by the world, by how the action is doled out, and the general nonchalance in which how everyone reacts to the outrageousness. It’s amazingly imaginative and unique.
So I recommend this book to everyone, especially as it is soon to be released as a feature film, but with reservations. I find myself pretty ambivalent to the actual story or the characters involved, but I do want to see what bit of spectacle is forthcoming. What say you all?

  1. the only reason that i got interested in the film version was edgar wright. Prior to that, i wasnt really sure how much i could take of this manga looking, video game nostalgic dialogue, hipsteresque “relationship emo-comic” Heh. it could be fun. though i did hear that the ending of the movie is vastly different from the books being he wasnt finished writing while they already were filming the movie.

  2. I think it’s really clever and fun. It’s definitely puff, but it’s damn entertaining puff. I’m like you, I hate the hipster trash, but I think Scott skirts this, for the most part.

    I was pissed by how he treated Knives Chau though, she only wanted to love him…

    Also, I watched the trailer a billion times. It’s fantastic. I make kissy noises with my fingers like a French guy. Mmm-Wha! I put it up on my blog for all you poor unfortunate souls who have so far been deprived of it.

    Also, also: I’ll be in NYC the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th! Hopefully you’ll come out. We’re doing a bachelor party, but instead of naked ladies, we’re going to play video games and sing kareoke.

    • Oh, you’re going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks?


      Like I didn’t know about this bachelor party months ago. Like I didn’t have it penciled in as the geek gathering of the year already.

      • In other words, I will not only be attending your party, but I have been looking forward to having these conversations face-to-face for some time.

  3. And go to a movie or two

  4. I think scott pilgrim Is kind of a doofus, and he can be kind of infuriating. You suffer through watching him make pretty obvious mistakes….this is reminding me of the great charlie brown argument of 95….I guess I just don’t have much trouble watching him stumble through his story.
    surrounded by other smartypants characters who point out his foibles….i think wallace wells and kim pine make great stand ins for lucy and linus..

    I def have a softer spot for indie rock comics…so though i loathe to call scott a “hipster” ..holy crap do i hate that word. but those 20something relationship comicsisms are not so grating to me…but then…i’m still single, unlike like 98% of your blogs audience.
    It’s been a while nince I’ve read the book, but my biggest issue with It when reading it was pacing…

    as for the movie, i’m sure it will be entertaining…but i’m mostly concerned with michael cera….dude has his comic charm to be sure, but Scott is a whole other kind of bug eyed excitable awkwardness. I am stoked to see him and Egg go head to head though…

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