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Mass Effect 2 is trying to kill me

In Video Games on February 5, 2010 at 2:36 am

Hello everyone. sorry about the mini hiatus especially after my long break. I feel like one of those TV shows that came back after being off months, then shows like three episodes, then goes off again, calling it a Winter Break or some such nonsense. Most of my lack of inactivity is certainly my fault, considering the amount of time I have at my disposal. I readily admit that. But, I’d actually like to put some well-earned blame at the feet of the software company Bioware. Why? Because their new game, Mass Effect 2 is trying to kill me.

For those not in the know, Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to the excellent science-fiction roleplaying game that consumed my life a few years ago. Well, the franchise comes back with a vengeance, improving on many of its predecessor’s shortcomings and potentially ruining my life in the meantime. I won’t waste your time with a review, as there are many available on this information superhighway we all find ourselves cruising. Instead, let’s let my reaction to this game be my recommendation.

Well, I bought this game last week on a Tuesday around noon and promptly put it in my XBox 360. I finished the game Wednesday evening. Upon its completion, I saw that I had put about 26 hours into the game, which did not include character deaths and the reloads that process involved. So, you may wonder where in that brief window of time did I find time to practice appropriate hygiene, eat real meals, or even sleep. Yeah, that didn’t happen so much. It wasn’t even a matter of the usual addiction, where I want to put the game down but I can’t. In reality, this was an example of a game being so much fun I did not want to stop. Basic metabolic needs were not only resisted, but completely forgotten about as I played my game. This gameplay, coupled with my current unemployment, led to the marathon session I have just described.

After playing this game, I found myself disorientated by the lack of giant robots trying to kill me in real life.

Okay, so that was a crazy day, but what about the rest of the week. Good question. Well, upon finishing the game, my mental and physical well-being threatened by my neglect, what did I do? Well, started all over again. So, now that I have finished it again, correcting mistakes and making different choices, I think I can really start doing other stuff in my life, like write this blog.

So, yeah. It’s a good game but it almost killed me. Damn you, Bioware.

  1. I’ve been playing LEft for Dead 2 over and over. I love chainsawing zombies… or throwing a bile bomb and letting them all gather and then machine gunning them.

  2. Damn it! I am so far behind. I just finished ME1 and have been excited to play. What classes did you use and did you import your character from ME1? Are the biotics easier to use this time around?

    • I imported my soldier, which just gives you access to all the types of guns. The game is much more action-based, using cover as a much bigger factor. Biotics are both easier and harder to use, because a lot of enemies need their shields or armor worn down before biotics will work. The inventory and skill-system have been overhauled and simplified, which might be a disappointment for some of the hardcore players, but in its place is a pretty cool upgrading system. I can’t recommend this game enough…or maybe I just want others to share my life-ruining pain.

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