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In Video Games on January 21, 2010 at 2:56 am

This post might make I am a true jet-setter, flying around like a demon firing people like George Clooney.  Nope.  Not quite.  Instead, I have been playing a free browser game with my wife, pulling me away briefly from my current Dragon Age addicition.  It is called Globetrotter and it’s pretty addictive fun that won’t make you feel like you’ve wasted time.  Why?  Because it’s a great way to practice your geography which is a good thing for Social Studies nerds like me.  Unfortunately, it also makes you (or, at least, me) feel like an idiot for not being able to accurately find countries in your hemisphere.

The game is very simple.  You are given the name of a city anywhere in the world.  You then need to mark where you think it is with a cursor.  The closer to the mark, the more points you get.  You need to get a certain amount of points to progress to the next level.  If not, game over.  The levels get harder, with more questions and the eventual loss of political borderlines, making it really hard to find anything anymore.

Looks pretty intense, huh? Right? Okay, it might seem a little dull, but play a couple rounds and I guarantee you'll change your tune. And your new tune will be called Cool Disco Groove 2.

To add to the fun, there is some pretty ridiculously out of place if strangely catchy music to listen to while you play.  I recommend “Cool Disco Groove 2” by Ravedeman (not to be mistaken with Ravedemon) as particularly inspiring when you’re trying to find Broome, Australia.

So, if you want to have a pretty good time while sharpening your ever-dulling geography skills, play some Globetrotter before going back to wasting your time on other endeavors.



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