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Monday’s “That Guy:” Titus Welliver

In Movies, That Guys on January 12, 2010 at 2:15 am

Another Monday, another “that guy.”  I usually try to write this column with my small audience in mind; trying to find familiar faces that most people will recognize.  This week’s “that guy” is a little different, however.  While he has plenty of TV and movie appearances, he is more of a “that guy” of the future.  He is someone to keep an eye out for in the future if you don’t know him yet.  I feel like you will.  His name is Titus Welliver and he is my “that guy” of the week.

While the show took place in the 19th century, I assume Titus Welliver looks like this all the time.

Titus Welliver first appeared on my radar for his role of Silas Adams on Deadwood.  He was perfect for the role, displaying a sweet beard and a face that seems to belong in a different time.  You know what I mean?  When you look at photographs from the Civil War or from a 1950’s yearbook, you see faces that almost could not exist in our time.  Titus has a face like that.  Shit, even his name makes him sound like a Confederate general.  Anyway, Welliver played a lackey to Ian McShane’s Al Swearenegen, a competent lieutenant just a bit smarter and more capable than his peers.  I don’t know why, exactly, but I found myself rooting for him in his often immoral wheelings and dealings in the old mine town, hoping for things to go his way.  When that great show came to an end, I was sad to see it go but relieved Welliver’s Silas made it out in one piece.  I looked forward to seeing him soon, confident in his ability to be a great “that guy.”

So far, Titus has not let me down.  He showed up in a pretty minor role in Gone Baby Gone, as the brother to Amy Ryan’s victimized mother.  I was really happy to see him and he brought a lot of gravity to his role, breathing an excellent sense of conflict and disappointment into very flawed character.  He did quite a bit with a pretty little amount of screen time.

His character on Lost is called "The Man in Black." He must have some balls to take that name and not be Johnny Cash.

But since then, Welliver has returned to small roles on the small screen.  A Supernatural here, playing a Horseman of the Apocolypse, or a couple episodes of Life there.  The usual amount of guest star roles that pay a character actor’s mortgage.  But I feel like we will be seeing a lot more of this guy.  He’s got a ton of potential for a “that guy” and I’m giving you all an opportunity to get on board.  Why such confidence?  Well, one of his latest TV roles was the mysterious “Man in Black” on Lost. This character is a mysterious newcomer on the show whom I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of.  I feel like he’s going to be something pretty cool on the last season of that uneven but ambitious show, and I will be these to see what Titus Welliver does.

  1. Is that actually black? Kinda looks like charcoal to me. I know, that tropical sun can fade your dark fabrics, but “the Gray” is a pretty badass name too (with some sweet geek pedigree I might add).

  2. I love this guy. His Deadwood moustache was awesome.

  3. Another “That Guy”- Gerry Becker. Saw him last night in a traveling Broadway production of South Pacific (don’t ask – it has to do with my wife’s birthday). I recognized him immediately but was a little suprised to see him slumming it in a shitty stage production. Good to see you back and writing again. My daily productivity just dropped at least 7.5%.

    Also, will be in NYC for last weekend in January. Any chance of getting together?

    • Gerry Becker. Well done.

      And I can think of no reason why we can’t get together in January. I am on the job hunt so I am pretty open with time. My cell phone SIM card got corrupted, so I have lost most people’s phone numbers. Call me, email me, or use this nice public forum, so all the baker’s dozen of my friends I’ve guilted into reading this nonsense can know our business.

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