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Monday’s “That Guy:” Pruitt Taylor Vince

In Movies, That Guys on September 22, 2009 at 12:00 am

I know, I know.  I often bring up actors in this section whom have excelled at playing a certain type of character to a rare art form.  I feel like I have often showcased actors with the specific gift to play a certain type better than anyone.  Today, I feel like my “that guy” this week brings that to a whole new level.  Why?  Because his type involves a specific disorder, nystagmus.  This causes one’s eyes to move involuntarily and often very quickly.  Could this be a disturbing trait in a certain type of character?  Absolutely.  Does Pruitt Taylor Vince, the “that guy” of this week use this quirk to amazing effect?  Well, he wouldn’t be in this column if he didn’t.

A still picture really doesn't do this guy justice.  His prescence inspires an amazing mix of emotion.

A still picture really doesn't do this guy justice. His prescence inspires an amazing mix of emotion.

First of all, I hate to sum up an actor’s entire ability into a neurological eye twitch.  He is an excellent actor with intense facial features and an intimidatingly lumbering physical quality that works amazingly.  I remember when I first saw him in Jacob’s Ladder.  He gives this really weird, dark grin right before the car he is in explodes.  I remember it being really chilling and one of the most memorable moments in a film filled with nightmarish images.

I also remember him from the cheesy thriller Identity where he plays the schizophrenic serial killer very effectively.  Watching his eyes dart around creates a tangible sense of imbalance.  The performance never feels gimmicky despite being in a movie that is actually all gimmick.

Vince was a regular on Deadwood, creating a special place for him in my heart forever right next to actors whom worked on The Wire, You hear that Dominic West!  You’ll never lose my affection, despite your many attempts to do so.  Also, Deadwood is the best counter that people in the past were not as dirty as they are often portrayed, Zach.

Oh, back to Pruitt Taylor Vince.  Sorry, “that guy.”  My inability to blog everyday is causing all my geek wires to cross and muddy the process of these posts.  I apologize for marring your time to shine, Pruitt.  The last movie I will mention is one that has gotten a lot of attention on this blog, Constantine. His portrayal as Consteanu’s priest ally, combined with Tilda Swinton’s Gabriel, makes me wish I could watch that movie again with them as the main stars.  I guess my fan fic will have to be enough…for now.

So, I recommend you check out Pruitt Taylor Vince and his amazing eyes at your earliest convenience.  You’ll be amazed to what he brings to any table.

  1. no joke…for a while, i have been convinced that this guy lives and philly and is a regular at my fav coffee shop. Like, i really stare this guy down and try to figure it out, but i’m never sure…I recently heard him talking with the owner about him and his wife going to rome and i was listening in to see if he ever mentions movie stuff….now i know to pay special attention to the eyes….I am sort of into the idea of stalking a non celebrity like pruitt taylor vince…

  2. ah… man… nothing?

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