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This is His

In Movies, Science Fiction on August 22, 2009 at 1:22 pm

I had an idea to write a long response to the Avatar trailer.  Right before I was to start, I decided to read the blogs of my friends, as I do almost everyday.  I saw that comment master, Jon, had written a post with more depth and with much more content than I ever could.  So, check it out here.

That is all for now.

  1. I think for the most part Jon hits it right on the nose- overhyped, huge price tag(200budget 100+ adbudget), cartoony looking characters- its gonna have to make a killing to be considered a success.
    Besides most of the young people today see cameron as the titanic guy(and the teaser tag line), if that. (since true lies 94 and t2 92)
    i will say though “Tinkering with CGI” doesn’t sound sad to me, like jon feels.
    In the last 20 some years, some of the films that are thought to have “revolutionized” visual effects- lotr(gollum), matrix(bullet effect..sigh), Jurassic park, and two of camerons-T2 and the abyss.

    He has always been one to push the effects boundaries, but not let things like story and character suffer.

    however, i still feel this trailer was “eh” on that regard-but hey those mech warriors and air battles look awesome.

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